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How They Did It: Morgan Miller Plumbing Wins the Second Battle of the Brands

Posted by Sarah Mote on Apr 17, 2013

We cornered the folks at Morgan Miller Plumbing and got them to tell us exactly how they won this year's Battle of the Brands. Here's what Tosha Everhart, marketing director, had to say. (Okay, so we didn't have to corner them, per se. They're quite friendly folk.)

How did you promote your involvement in Battle of the Brands?

With grassroots campaigning (i.e. begging, pleading, crying) over phone, email and in person.  Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms. Generally telling anyone who would listen, anywhere and everywhere.

What impact were you able to see or measure as a result of Battle of the Brands?

As a service company, we’d never really learned to bark about ourselves. This competition forced us out of our comfort zone, and made us realize how many amazing fans we had. 

How exactly did a plumbing company beat out Harleys, beer, and coffee – some of KC’s iconic and revered brands?

When we were matched up against former finalist Boulevard Brewery in Round 3, we were all pretty sure that’d be the death of us. But after that round, we knew we might actually have a shot at this.  

We may not have had a huge advertising budget, but we utilized things that were cost effective, we were unified as a company, and most importantly never gave up.

Plumbing may not sound as sexy as motorcycles, beer, and coffee, but we’ve managed to create a brand that attracts fans and created a company that treat those fans like family.

What advice would you give next year’s contenders?

Start building a passionate fan base now, yesterday, last week.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, any way you can think of. Go all in, be passionate, and avoid complacency. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. All cliché, but all very true.

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